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Part Time Jobs in Cyprus

Whether you are looking for a full time or part time job in Cyprus, can help you find the perfect job that matches your requirements and criteria. We are here to help job seekers and Candidates with our free tools and services to create their professional CV, find a full time or part time job in Cyprus and build their dream career in Cyprus.

What is a Part Time Job

A Full time job is considered to be an employment in a position which requires you to work above 35 hours per week. Any employment that carries fewer hours on a weekly basis and it is not considered to be a full time employment is a part time employment or a part time job. A part time job enjoys all benefits of a full time job in terms but most of the times these benefits are provided based on the percentage of the number of part time working hours against the full time working hours. One should expect to receive a proportional salary if working in a part time job. All Employment and Social Insurance Laws in Cyprus apply equally to both full time and part time workers in Cyprus.

Why working for a Part Time Job

There are many reasons for working in Cyprus as part time, however in order to do so the recruiting employer should allow you to work part time for the selected job. Students in Cyprus may be a good example of those working part time, as they are working in the morning time and attend their courses in the evening time. This allows them to build a working experience while they study. Usually in Cyprus, such arrangement of attending an evening course in a college or University is called a part time study, as most of the full time courses start in the morning and end in the afternoon. Such part time courses take a little while to be completed compared to full time courses.

A part time job is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary for the job seeker. Employers may accept certain jobs to be performed on a part time basis as this will reduce their payroll expenses.

Full Time Job Vs Part Time Job

The pros of a part time job, are that you are able to finish work early and do some other activities in the spare time. Moreover, you may work part time in a second job if this is allowed by the first employer, provided that the secondary part time employer pays all relevant contributions of the secondary jobs to the relevant authorities. Although this scenario of a secondary part time job is quite rare in Cyprus, there are many part time workers in Cyprus that enjoy family activities or take care of their kids after the end of their part time job.

The cons of the part time job, are that you do not have much time to perform your duties and responsibilities (depending on the job) and usually people working part time are not enjoying the promotion or other monetary benefits of a full time worker. People working part time, are usually hesitate to stay longer at work as they have made other arrangements after the job is finished. Another disadvantage is that if the part time worker is dealing with clients, then there is specific time that are available to talk to them and this by default will delay communication until next morning that the part time worker will be available during working time.

Which Job Openings offer Part Time Jobs in Cyprus

Not all employers or industries allow this practice to take place in their working environment. Employers that their business operations engage administrative functions are more likely to accept part time employees. Other job openings that are dealing with Banks, Credit Institutions, Courts or the public sector in Cyprus may promote part time jobs as long as the working hours coincide since the above authorities or organisations usually end their operations at 14:00.

However, the vast majority of part time employers are those that due to personal difficulties of their staff, they make special arrangements with the affected worker to be re-employed as a part time employee in order to accommodate the employee’s requirements without losing his/her job. If such arrangement ends up very unfavourable for the employer, such employment may be terminated much easily than a full time employment.

There are few job vacancies in Cyprus that require a part time job seekers. Always read and understand the terms and conditions of employment before applying for any Cyprus Job. If you are searching job list to find a part time employment opportunity, this is always stated in the Type of employment as either a Full Time or a Part Time job.

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